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Ingenjörskapital or IK (formerly I Capital Management) was refounded in 2021, thus establishing the first student run investment fund at KTH. The organization is a student society adhering to the chapter of Industrial Engineering & Management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The organization manages the long-term savings for the chapter and is entirely run by elected student-members at the chapter.

Our primary mission is to outperform the OMXS30 over any 2-year period, secondarily, but just as importantly, ingenjörskapital aims to provide a rich learning environment for all members in the organization.

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F Capital Management (F.Cap) is a subgroup of the Physics Chapter Business Association which manages part of the Physics Chapter's liquid assets through a student-run active investment fund.

F Capital Management exists for the purposes of management, education, and inclusion. The day-to-day operations consist of the association's members (Analysts) analyzing various investment opportunities (listed companies and funds) and presenting them during regular pitch meetings, after which an Investment Committee led by F.Cap's chairperson (the Portfolio Manager) makes a decision on investment.

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